Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

By making your reservation with Nice Limousine Service, LLC. you agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions

No deposits are required for all Airport transfers and regular one-way trips.
ALL trips are charged at the booking stage.

Airport Limos Pick-up and Drop-off
ALL cancellations made within 2 hours before a trip starts we will charged at 100% of the original price.

Waiting Time & No Show Policy
For Address or Hotel pick ups, we offer a 20 minutes grace period. After 20 minuties of waiting for a particular client,but the client is not showing up, we assume the trip is a“NO SHOW“, and YOU will be FULLY RESPONSIBLE for the total amount plus the gratuity.[There will be no charges for waiting at the airport for luggages for up to 45 minutes.]

Hourly Rentals: Holidays, Prom/Graduation or Other Special Events
ALL Charter runs and Long distance trips on Sedans, SUVs and Stretch Limos, are charged at the booking stage.

​Checks Payment
All payments made by check must arrive at our office by a minimum of 10 days prior to the trip date.

Cancellations & Deposit Refunds
All deposits made will be fully refunded if cancellations are made between more than 7 days prior to the scheduled pickup date.
For cancellations made 5 days or less before the scheduled pickup date, 50% of the payment will be retained.
*In the event of a cancellation any lost deposits cannot be used toward an alternate date in the future.

Cleanup and Damage Fees
Renter assumes full responsibility for the repair cost of any items damaged inside the vehicle during the term of the rental.
Repair cost may vary from $40 to $500 or more depending on the extent of the damage. Typical repair costs are as follows:
Spills/Stains: $40-$200 or more depending on extent of damage.
Rips or burns on upholstery, roof or carpet: $500+ depending on extent of damage.

If someone puke[vomit] inside the vehicle there is a minimum $250 clean up fee to cover the extra hours of professional clean
up and steam-cleaning of carpets, etc. Severe cases requiring replacement of carpeting or upholstery may run to $1,000 or
more. Please drink responsibly. If a passenger has drunk too much, the driver has the right to call a taxi to send him/her
home instead of taking a chance on damaging the vehicle.

Excessive trash left in the vehicle will result in additional cleanup fees of $75 or more being charged.
Food such as potato chips, popcorn, etc which can get spilled and ground into the carpet are not recommended. Excessive
food such as this spilled in the vehicle will be charged $100 or more due to the resulting need for more intensive carpet
cleaning, professional steam cleaning, etc.

No Smoking
All of our vehicles are No Smoking vehicles. A minimum $250 cleanup fee will apply if smoking occurs in one of our
vehicles. We will be happy to stop for as many smoke breaks as you need.

No illegal drugs
No illegal drugs to be carried or used in the vehicle at anytime. Chauffeur at his sole discretion may terminate the trip with
no refunds if illegal activity is occurring inside the vehicle. Police may also be notified.

No Underage Drinking
No underage drinking or underage possession of alcohol in the vehicle at anytime. Chauffeur at his sole discretion may
terminate the trip with no refunds if underage drinking is occurring inside the vehicle.

Lost Items
Renter assumes sole responsibility for any and all lost, stolen or missing personal items during the term of the rental.
Please be sure to gather all your belongings when you exit the vehicle at the end of the rental.

Be sure to reserve the vehicle for as long as you think you will need it.
If you need to extend your rental we will be happy to do so as long as there is still availability,
however availability of additional hours at the last minute beyond those reserved cannot be guaranteed
as someone else may have already booked the vehicle right after your scheduled rental time is complete.

Emergency Vehicle Substitution
In the unlikely event that a last minute mechanical breakdown or accident puts a vehicle temporarily out of service,
Nice Limousine Service, LLC. reserves the right to substitute an alternate vehicle (or vehicles) from our FLeet or from our
affiliates' Fleet. Alternate vehicle (or vehicles) may possibly be different in size or description than originally booked
vehicle depending on availability. No refunds or discounts will be given if an alternate vehicle is provided at the agreed upon pickup time.

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